Friday, July 3, 2009

About Barrio Fiesta

Brief Company Profile

50 years in food service is your guarantee that Barrio Fiesta Manufacturing Corporation (BFMC) knows good food!

Barrio Fiesta Manufacturing Corporation (BFMC) was established to bring to the tables of Filipino families high quality food and to share the experience they gained in Barrio Fiesta restaurants since 1958.

In 1987, BFMC launched their first product – Ginisang Bagoong (Sautéed Shrimp Paste) which made them the first manufacturer of bottled Sautéed Shrimp Paste in the Philippines and in the world. The product was well received not only in the Philippines, but also in other countries such as United States of America, Hong Kong, Korea, Canada and Japan.

Barrio Fiesta Ginisang Bagoong (Sautéed Shrimp Paste) evolved in three variants: Regular, Sweet and Spicy.

In 1997, BFMC introduced the ready-to-eat canned meals to the Philippine market. These products are the popular dishes among Filipinos, which are prepared in the traditional home-cooked way but presented in the convenient canned form to the consumers. In keeping with its commitment to home-style cooking, these bottled and canned products have no preservatives.
To be able to fully compete in the condiments industry, by 2002 BFMC decided to manufacture their line of sauces; starting with Sukang Puti (White Vinegar), Patis (Fish Sauce), Toyo (Soy Sauce), and Lechon Sauce (All Around Sauce). In the following years, BFMC continued expanding by launching their own Fruit Preserves and Pancit Canton (Flour Sticks).

Currently, BFMC has the following product lines, locally and abroad: Bagoong; Canned Meals; Condiments; Fruit Preserves; and Pancit Canton. BFMC is HACCP accredited and has Halal certificate which only proves their commitment to excellence.

Throughout the years, Barrio Fiesta Manufacturing Corporation continuously brings only the finest Filipino food, which provides happy memories of family,friends, and traditions.
Excerpt from actual Barrio Fiesta provided profile
If it concerns original food favorites, nothing beats the original ... Barrio Fiesta Philippines!
Below are sample of native Filipino cuisine:

Now, for OFW, Filipino Immigrants abroad and Foreign Importers, Barrio Fiesta offers wide range of Filipino products for export:


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